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How Can A Disney Destinations Vacation Planner Help You With Your Disney World Vacation?

For many families, Disney world is a once in a life trip. If you have never been before, there is a lot of planning that goes into making the trip perfect. A Disney Destinations Vacation Planner can help you book your trip, ensuring that everything is perfect. Here are a few of the ways that a Disney Destinations Vacation Planner can help you with your Disney vacation:

Selecting the Right Resort

There are 34 different resorts on Walt Disney World Property, with 28 being owned by Walt Disney Parks and Recreation. This means that you have a lot of different resorts to pick from. A Disney Destinations Vacation Planner can help you narrow down the resorts based on budget, the type of rooms that can accommodate your family, and the theme of the resort. Every resort has a different theme to it, ranging from the Hawaiian Islands to the Caribbean to the French Quarters in New Orleans. Your planner will listen to what appeals to you as a family and help guide you to the resort that makes sense and appeals to you. 

Apply Any Discounts That Become Applicable

Walt Disney World typically releases discounts every couple of months. However, they are not going to email or call you when they release a discount that may apply to your travel dates. If you are not working with a vacation planner, you have to check their website frequently to see if new discounts are released and then call in to see if they can be applied to your package. A Disney Destinations Vacation Planner does all of this for you, helping to secure the best rates for your dates. 

Helping You to Book Your Dining Reservations

Did you know that you can book reservations at the over 140 restaurants at Walt Disney World up to six months in advance? And some of the best reservations are snagged the day they become available. A Disney Destinations Vacation Planner can help you determine what restaurants your family may want to eat at. Options include everything from character buffets to world class fine dining experiences. Let a vacation planner guide you and make reservations for you. 

Explaining How to Book Fast Passes

The last way a Disney Destinations Vacation Planner can help you is by explaining to you how Disney's fast pass system works. If you are staying on Disney property, you can book three fast passes up to 60 days ahead of time. This allows you to ride specific rides without waiting in a long line as you long as you come during your hour time windows. Once you have used your three fast passes for the day, you can use the My Disney Experience App to book additional fast passes. This is a great way to navigate long lines but is something you may not be aware of on your first vacation. 

A trip to Disney World can be an experience that your family will never forget. The right planning helps ensure that this is the case. A Disney Destinations Vacation Planner does not charge a fee for their services. As such, there is no reason why you should not consider using one when you are booking your family's trip to Disney World.